Motivated by the Crown

I set a goal to finish a local half marathon over four years ago. For the next few months, I trained, sacrificed, worked hard and dug deeper in my faith than I ever had before. On December 1st, 2012, I completed the goal and finished a half marathon! I felt God’s strength getting me through the tough miles of that race and His victorious power carrying me across that finish line. I wish I could adequately describe the satisfaction I felt when accomplishing a feat I had once thought impossible! I want to emphasize though, the satisfaction wasn’t only in getting the finisher’s medal. I felt satisfaction in every day of training, in every mile completed, in every early morning run that I thought I wouldn’t be able to wake up for or have the ability to finish. Each mile, each training session, each daily victory proved that God was helping me, strengthening me, molding me into something new every day.

I set that huge half marathon goal for one simple reason: to prove to myself that I could actually complete the Disney Princess Half Marathon. The day I heard there was an event in which you could dress as a princess, run a course throughout the parks and finish a half marathon in the happiest place on earth, was the same day this Disney princess wanna-be decided I HAD to do it. First, though, I had to know that I could successfully finish such a race and that it wouldn’t be a waste of money or time for me to attempt the feat in Disney World, so I set out to complete a half, and I did! However, my running life took a backseat when God called me to be a mommy again. My running goals, including the Princess Half Marathon, were put on hold.


A few months ago, my running shoes found themselves in the happiest place on earth! Our family was blessed to be able to spend Thanksgiving Break in Disney World and we loved every second of it! Lots of magical memories were made and it was truly a Thanksgiving we will never forget. Being in those parks, surrounded by the magic, definitely reignited my goal for running the Princess Half. The 2017 race was this morning, so for the past few days my Instagram and Facebook feeds had lots of fabulous pictures of the weekend long festivities. Seeing all the great pictures and videos from one of my runner friends who ran it today sealed the deal;  I am now determined to make it happen in 2018!

It’s amazing what having a goal in front of you can do for your mind and your soul. It can align your thoughts, focus your intentions and motivate you make better choices along your path.  If you aren’t working toward a goal right now, I encourage you to set one. It might not be health or fitness related.  Finances, organization, relationships, overcoming an obstacle….whatever your thing is right now that you’re wishing for or thinking about, find a measurable goal and commit to work towards achieving it. Whatever your goal is, can I humbly suggest that it should seem a little too hard. It should scare you a little. If, when you say it out loud, you think “I can’t really do this” you’re on the right track because no, if its a godly goal worth pursuing, you probably can’t do it alone, in only your power. However, if you are a believer and follower of Jesus, the Holy Spirit dwells in you, so with Him, Y-E-S you can!  He conquered death when He rose from the grave, so I don’t think you can come up with a goal that He doesn’t have the power to complete in you!  In John 15:5,  Jesus, the Prince of Peace, promises “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

I may not know your goal yet but I do know you can do it through prayer, faith, and reliance on God’s power! There will always be victory in Jesus! How can I be so confident of this? Have I told you about the time I finished a half marathon?

I’d love to know your goal so I can encourage you along the way. Leave a comment below! If one of your goals also happens to be the 2018 Disney Princess Half Marathon, let me know that too! We can be royal running buddies! 🙂


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