(re)writing definitions

No, I’m not working on school work; I’m still enjoying summer break, well, like a kid enjoys summer break! But I did feel the need to write some defining words on my arm before I went for a run a few days ago. 

chosen. holy. beloved. 
Those words define me. God’s word, in Colossians 3:12, says so. I was reminded of this truth a few weeks ago by my favorite Bible teacher. When I chose to follow Jesus and claimed him as my Savior, I was adopted into his holy family and given a sacred identity. I became defined as a child of God. I am chosen. I am holy. I am beloved. 

My past doesn’t define me. Where I live doesn’t define me. What’s in my bank account doesn’t define me. What is not in my bank account doesn’t define me. My degrees don’t define me. My job didn’t define me. My lack of job doesn’t define me. My church attendance doesn’t define me. How messy my house is doesn’t define me. How clean my house is doesn’t define me. My inability to cook a nutritionally sound meal that pleases a family of 6 doesn’t define me. How my kids act in public doesn’t define me. How my kids look in public doesn’t define me. The scale doesn’t define me. How much weight I’ve lost doesn’t define me. How much weight I’ve put back on doesn’t define me. My PR doesn’t define me. My double digit minutes per mile don’t define me. “Likes” don’t define me. The amount of friends or followers I have doesn’t define me. The long time between blog posts don’t define me. My successes don’t define me. Thank God, my failures don’t define me. My identity is defined in Christ alone and I am forgiven and redeemed. Chosen, holy and loved. 

I’m working on walking this truth out in my daily life, in the face of my fears, disappointments, rejections and embarrassingly long writing breaks. I’ll be writing and rewriting those words onto my wrist (I’m too chicken to get a tattoo) as I engrave them on my heart. See, it’s crucial for all of us as believers to accept, because once we can truly rest in our identity, we can better see others in their identity. God says we are to put on compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness and love like clothing and treat others like well dressed people. When we accurately see ourselves in the light that God sees us in, we’ll be able to more clearly see (and then treat) our family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, acquaintances and yes, even bad drivers, in that same light: worthy of being chosen, holy and loved. 

That’s you. Not the bad driver part. I’m sure you are (probably) a great driver. What I mean is, if you are a believer, you are chosen. You are holy. You are loved. Engrave it on your heart. 
If you are not a follower of Jesus, know that he loves you deeply. You are worthy to be called chosen, holy and loved. He desperately wants to write those beautiful words over you today. 

So, I’m definitely not giving you homework, but, if I did, I would ask, what words define you?